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On a mission to give you time to focus on the important things

Empowering managers to be the best version of themselves

At Nyota, we aim to free managers from the grind of admin tasks, so they can channel their energy into fostering team growth, driving projects to success, and preventing burnout. We're more than just a tool—we're here to reshape the essence of modern management.

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Our values

How we operate and what drives us forward

Empower others

Our primary goal is to empower managers to focus on what truly matters – the growth and development of their people. We aim to free up their mental bandwidth from administrative tasks, ensuring that their main priority is nurturing their teams.

Proactive Ownership

We champion a mindset of ownership in everything we do. Our team doesn't just identify problems; we take the initiative to resolve them. We're proactive, responsible, and always ready to turn challenges into opportunities. By owning our actions and their outcomes, we drive results and ensure consistent progress.


Trust is the foundation of all our customer relationships. We handle data with utmost care, always act transparently, and remain true to our word.



Josef Hlavacek

Josef Hlavacek is an engineering leader with 18 years of experience, co-founder of two startups, and a former leader at Twilio during its hyper-growth.

Overwhelmed by endless meetings and administrative duties, Josef observed that managers, despite their best intentions, often spend only a fraction of their time truly developing their teams.

Recognizing this widespread challenge, Nyota was born. Our mission at Nyota is to drastically reduce admin overhead and help managers of all fields focus on their core priorities.


Our team

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Martin Zvonar
Head of Engineering

Martin Zvonar

Pavel Suchmann
Head of AI/ML

Pavel Suchmann

Borjana Dodova
Chief Data Scientist

Borjana Dodova

Kristina Craig
Strategic Advisor

Kristina Craig

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