Frequently Asked Questions

By default only you and the meeting participants are able to access the transcripts, any conversational data, and notes.

In case you decide to give us access to that info (for example for use for training purposes), our team needs a written permission from you.

You can find out more about how we process data in our Privacy policy.

We follow GDPR data protection rules.

Currently, all the data is stored in the EU and is encrypted at rest using AES 256. The data is processed in the EU and USA (due to our third party suppliers).

By default your access to transcripts gets locked on the application level after 24 hours of the meeting. After that, only the metadata and any notes you take are accessible by you and the participants.

Call recordings are deleted right after the transcript is processed. Transcripts are obtained from a third party service and automatically deleted once we receive the final transcript.

Yes, at the moment Nyota only integrates with Google. You also need a paid account on Google Workspace or Zoom that allows joining through a conference call.

Currently we integrate with Google Meet and Zoom for meeting recordings. For talking point recommendations we integrate with GitHub and Jira.

If there's a service you'd like us to connect with let us know at

At the moment we only support English.

We were worried about this as well, so we did a lot of user research and put privacy at the forefront of the product.

The vast majority of people (90%) said this wouldn't change how open they are with their managers as long as they can pause the recording and access the transcript.

From the feedback we've got we believe that it takes only one meeting to get used to Nyota. After the first meeting, people forget about Nyota's presence on calls and continue to speak openly.

Finally, we have implemented privacy controls in place so you can pause the recording, kick Nyota out of the call, or redact the transcripts. On top of that we only keep transcripts open for 24 hours so the managers can take notes.

That's totally ok. You can still add notes in Nyota manually and won't get charged for the seat.

Not at all! Any manager can jump in and start using Nyota and they'll get the same insights. However, we do focus on features for product and project development teams at the moment.