Customer success story

How Nyota empowered Magic’s CEO to engage with customers and save time


Magic Automation AB is an innovative Swedish startup on a mission to simplify the world of order returns. As the CEO of Magic, Leroy found his role and commitments rapidly evolving. While the initial days involved daily team meetings, the escalating demands for fundraising and customer interactions forced Leroy to prioritize. He started attending only Monday and Friday team meetings. This sporadic attendance meant Leroy missed out on key discussions, occasionally overlooking blockers that could have been addressed promptly.

In the early stages of a startup, CEOs often cannot delegate everything and detach from daily tasks. Leroy was looking for a solution to give his team as much independence as possible, while still being able to jump in and help out.

The Search

Already aware of AI sales assistants' potential, Leroy was actively hunting for communication solutions that would suit his team's requirements. Unfortunately, the existing market options failed to resonate with Magic's needs.

They needed something more tailored. Leroy has already developed his “second brain” in Notion where they document everything and his team was used to navigating it. They didn’t want to introduce yet another tool that they would have to check for information.

The Solution

Nyota stepped in, not just as a tool, but as a partner in problem-solving. Magic was already utilizing Zapier, a popular workflow automation tool. We helped them with the integration and advised how to best store Nyota notes, making the data flow smoother.

However, it wasn’t just about passive recording. Leroy set up an additional layer of alerting for crucial updates or when his team called out any blockers. This allowed for real-time alerts to the team, ensuring no issue went unnoticed.

The Results

With Nyota's assistance, Leroy could engage more actively with customers without feeling disconnected from his team. He also optimized his time, documenting customer calls and sharing information to his co-founder and team more efficiently.

  • Their Notion documentation was consistently updated in real-time, ensuring the entire team was aligned. Making team meetings more transparent and effective.
  • In just the first week, Leroy identified and addressed two potential challenges and helped his team resolve the issues on the same day
  • By systematically documenting everything, he saved 10 minutes per meeting. Considering he had over 45 meetings a month, this amounted to a time-saving of 8 hours. And we didn't even mention the saved cost of context-switching.

Next steps

As Magic continues to evolve and grow, they have identified a few key areas to further improve their operations:

  • Implement Nyota's Agenda Summarization to automate customer and investor calls and populate their Notion-based CRM through Zapier
  • As their engineering team expands, integrate Github and Jira to assist the CTO in tracking metrics and ensuring smooth data-driven operation of their team, and more effective one-on-one meetings


Magic's partnership with Nyota shows how the right tools can make a big difference. By making communication and note-taking easier, Magic is working better as a team. As they grow and add more tools, they're set to keep improving and getting things done efficiently.

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