Customer success story

How Nyota transformed Silver Creek's client management


In the bustling world of consultancy where every meeting matters, building and nurturing client relationships is paramount. Just like many others, Daniel, the CEO of Silver Creek Insights—a Data Analytics and AI consultancy with a team of 15—faced the task of managing multiple client interactions, personalizing communications, and effectively sharing information with their customers.

The Problem

Silver Creek, a digital consultancy specializing in data analytics, juggled client calls across various time zones. With a major client on board, Silver Creek aimed to establish a scalable process for all future clients. They created a comprehensive Notion wiki filled with relevant information and reports. However, documenting meetings and sharing updates became a tedious, time consuming task.

Daniel dreamt of an assistant that would allow him to put admin on autopilot, take notes and draft follow-ups, allowing him to focus on the actual discussions.

The Solution

Silver Creek adopted Nyota for its advanced note-taking capabilities. Nyota suggests relevant agenda items, sets context-based action items, and provides timely reminders, ensuring that Silver Creek's team is always prepared and informed for every meeting. In addition, the Agenda Summarization feature feature automates the capture of key discussion points, allowing team members to focus on the conversation and seamlessly integrates with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, or in case of Silver Creek, Notion.

Daniel was already familiar with Zapier, a popular workflow automation tool, so they were keen to integrate Nyota with their existing Notion database. Nyota team stepped in to guide them in their automation efforts. We provided hands-on guidance, ensuring a seamless integration of Nyota with their systems. Together, we set up a system to:

  • Organize meeting notes neatly in their Notion workspace for every customer.
  • Client Notion Database
  • Summarize decision and progress from daily updates to prepare agenda for a longer weekly call with the customer.
  • Client Notion Database
  • Craft personalized follow-up email drafts, giving Daniel ability to change the style as he sees fit.
  • Client Notion Database

The Results

  • A streamlined process: Team members and clients can now quickly catch up on any project's latest developments.
  • Efficiency: Collating weekly updates into one took about 30 minutes, now it only takes 2 minutes to finalize.
  • Focused team members: Fee, their customer success manager, can now concentrate on the call's content, leaving the note-taking to Nyota.
  • Time saved: Daniel reclaimed 2 hours each week previously spent on re-aligning everyone and writing follow-up emails.

In total, Silver Creek saved a whopping 20 hours every month!

Next steps

  • To further enhance client collaboration, Silver Creek is exploring the possibility of integrating with tools of their customers' preference for tracking follow ups and action items. The first one will be ClickUp, a tool many of their clients prefer.
  • They're also keen on building an internal knowledge base to share insights and best practices they've learned on different clients.


For Silver Creek, the integration of Nyota and Zapier wasn't just about automation; it revolutionized how they connected with clients. In a world where every interaction counts, Nyota proves that success lies in working smarter, not just harder.

Daniel Pham, CEO of Silver Creek
“Nyota is turning into a key resource and fundamental building block for my team and multiple endeavors. When things get messy it helps keep it clean and focused. The ability to go back retroactively and also tie this into our Notion database is very nice to have, especially as we grow our client base.”
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Use cases

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